Why You Can't Find A Good Man Has Nothing To Do With Men

I’m going to say something and some of you aren’t going to like it.  Desperate single women are their own worst enemy and social media is a close second.  

Everyday I give way too much of my life to social media, between work’s social media and having a desk job, facebook and twitter are my entertainment.  I admit, I look at your posts of re-posted grainy stock images with some relationship inspired motivational quote about how you are better than him and I roll my eyes. Stop fooling yourself.  Stop asking what is wrong with men. Stop asking where all the good guys are and why you can’t have it easy.  This is your personal problem, no one else’s.  

When you constantly use social media to discuss your relationship or lack-their-of how does that portray you?  Not as a strong confident woman, but as an insecure, blabber mouth with too much time and too little sense.  Who in their right mind would want to date someone who constantly alerts all 617 of their social media friends as to their every emotion?  YOU ARE YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY.  Women who commit this crime against humanity are going to become outraged with me and say “I CAN SAY WHAT I WANT!” “I AM SECURE!” “YOU DON’T KNOW ME!” 

False.  All 617 of us know you and your plight because you feel the urge to display your relationship drama all over the damn place.

Those of you snickering thinking “Oh, I am not that girl, I only post things about how strong I am.” Uh…no honey, you ain’t fooling anyone either.  The more crap that says how strong you are and how confident you are, the less we believe you.  I totally admit, I’ve posted a few things along those lines from time to time, they are great motivators, especially if you know someone struggling.  However having said that, filling up your own wall with this crap?  That is a signal to every person within eyesight that you are an emotional house of cards ready to crumble.  No man or woman in their right mind is going to step foot into a relationship like that.

Why am I so judgmental and vocal on this?  It makes me sad for those women out there who don’t see what they are doing and  I USED TO DO IT.  

What kind of example are you setting for your children by publicly sharing your intimate life details?  Not a good one. Who do you think you are fooling by telling everyone how well rounded and wonderful you are? Not a soul.  How can find that real, strong, amazing love you so desire?  Start by loving yourself more and hating your non-existent boyfriend less.

I’m sure you are wonderful and great but maybe you need to realize that you truly are too.  Stop putting your business out there, every time you want to post something on a wall, don’t. Let the moment pass and see if you still want to share those details an hour or two later.

 In my house the two most common phrases are “I love you” and “I read it on the internet, so it must be true.”  The second sentence carries more meaning than the first right now. 

Tell yourself you are beautiful, tell yourself you are worth it, and tell yourself you deserve the best because all of that is true.

Don’t post it on social media hoping all 617 believe it’s the truth.  Show us you believe it yourself.  Be stronger, be more confident, be more confidential and then one day your bitter posts will turn into acknowledgements of love and true self-worth.  Stop looking for a good man and realize the true good woman who is already inside of you.


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