Personal Opinions on a Public Forum

Social media is exactly what is says, its a social form of media. It's not a journal, it's not your best friend's pinky promise, it's not the stuffed bear you talk to at's the internet.  Thus, if you express your opinion on a social media platform, it becomes "social."  It's not private, it's no longer your own personal opinion, it's your public opinion.

Last week I came under fire by those closest to me for retweeting someone's "personal opinion" on Twitter. Let me clarify a few things...
1) I do not seek out anyone in particular;
2) I have no intention of aggravating anyone;
3) I am generally, a nice person.

Now having said that, if you are going to voice your opinion I would hope that you have a reasoning and sound mind to back it up.  If you are going to tell Twitter the sky is green, I'm gonna need you to go ahead and reason that out for us.  It's only logical.  You made a statement, now back it up.  I'm not pinning you in a corner, I'm not crucifying you, I'm just wanting to know "Hey, why'd you say that?" or actually I'd probably say "Uh, no it's blue. What sky you lookin' at?"

Once you put something out there on the interwebs, it's there forever, just remember that.  So whether it's intentional and you are stating an ignorant opinion that could possibly ruin your career, or whether you didn't know someone used your naked image and posted it to the web... it's there. Intentional or not, the internet doesn't discriminate, it screws everyone. This isn't a new statement, I'm not solving the world's problems, I'm just restating the obvious for those of you who have forgot these simple rules.

Get with it people, the only "personal' opinion you have are the ones you keep to yourself because the second you say it out loud, it becomes your public opinion.

<end rant>



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