An over-emotional daddy's girl, aka, me

Ask my dad and step-mom to describe me and I'm sure that: emotional, tender-hearted and thoughtful (or thoughtless as the wicked step-momma calls me) will all come out pretty quickly.  Out of my sisters and me, I'm the first to cry, the first to help and the most sentimental. So please excuse me if you can tell I'm crying while writing this.

A long, long time ago, I openly stated I feared one thing and one thing only in my life; that my dad wouldn't be able to walk me down the aisle if I ever got married. (Yes, I was young at the time I first began to think about this, probably age 11 or so.) My dad has suffered most of his adult life from Rheumatoid arthritis, a genetic disease affecting the joints. He has a slightly altered gait and when I was young I feared he would be wheelchair bound before experiencing my adult life with me.  These fears can be attributed to watching my Grams cope with the disease.  As a child, watching her bed-ridden and in pain, knowing my dad would one day feel the same way definitely assisted in turning me into this sensitive basket-case I am today.

Taking the Ferry after a full day at Magic Kingdom.
When we were young my dad took us on a 2 week vacation to Orlando, we walked all of Disney World, enjoying every minute of it.  It was partly my dad's goal to have a family vacation that we would all remember him as being able to walk with us.  At this point in our lives we didn't know where his future treatments and health would take us but we didn't care, we were kids with Disney and water slides on the brain.  Being the oldest, I understood this vacation, I knew what we were doing, we were making memories to last a lifetime. My dad was making sure we had those memories.

Times, technology and attitudes have changed.  My dad is doing great! He just had his second knee replacement and is kicking physical therapy's ass.  He's active, he exercises more than I do and not to toot his horn too loud, but he just got the job he was destined to have. (Yay!) So now, I no longer have the fear he won't dance with me at an eventual wedding.

What brought on this emotional quip today?  My tender heart.  The video I've linked below, started me crying at work today, not just small tears but giant, can't breathe, ruin my make-up tears.

Knowing your father is dying of cancer and staging a father-daughter dance just so you get that moment with him to last a life time...that's exactly what I would do.  Thankfully, I don't have to worry about that and I pray I never will.  So for all of you who have had to go through these monumental life occasions without a parent, I salute you, I admire you and I want to hug you, a lot.

Grab your tissues for this one.


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