Caution: Curves ahead

I just read something that makes me so happy I can't stop smiling...

There is an overweight, funny, happy girl who has a fit and trim, happy boyfriend who loves her...just the way she is.  Here is the article but let me tell you why this makes me so happy.

I was once in a relationship with a man who was in love with working out.  He focused on making his body perfect and spent his free time becoming a beefcake meat-head.  He begged me to go to the gym with him, everyday, and I refused.  Not because I was lazy, but for the reason I was overweight and the last thing I wanted was for people at his gym to wonder why he was with such a fatty... and more importantly I wanted him to love me as this fatty.  It ate at my self conscious, it hurt my insides, all I wanted was to know that he loved me the way I was and he wasn't trying to change me.  I didn't want to go to the gym with him, just to spite him.  I wanted to scream, "please love me for me and not for my appearance."  But he didn't, not at the time.

Now in his life, I know that he has realized there is more to me than the layer of fat on the outside and he misses all the good part of me he overlooked at the time.

Lately I've been becoming more comfortable with me, I just turned 29 and I'm not crying over my age, weight or that grey hair I found last week.  I'm lucky to have been hanging around people who think I'm awesome and even pretty from time to time.  I'm more comfortable with who I am now than I was 10, 5 or even 1 year ago. Yes, I still refuse to let anyone touch my "fat zones" and cringe when I feel eyes on my body.  I'll always have self-esteem issues but I can tell you this, having a guy think I'm beautiful and knowing he means it is the best feeling I've ever had.

Every woman is beautiful.  She just needs some reassurance once in a while.


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