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Once lost now found

It's been years but I found my keyboard again. I'm no longer in search of some perfect man and a dream date.  I'm nestled into bed, red wine and dark chocolate by my side, husband snoring peacefully as my toddler tosses in bed occasionally talking in his sleep. My life came crashing to this juncture with a screeching halt, a romantic sound track and very little say so.  Sometimes life is exactly what you expect and other times its exactly what you hoped for, both of these can lead to absolute bliss. I'm a living testament. I'm not sure where this blog will go but I hope to take it somewhere.  I recently lost a few pounds doing this new "keto" diet trend and one of the side effects is a clearer mind (sure, okay, you say so.) Today while driving home something inside me fired up, the colors of the trees lining the old creek seemed brighter.  The pickup finding the horsepower to pass me, with the old canoe tied in the back looked so inviting.  A red flag

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